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FOU ! Editions


The Mont Saint Michel Bay

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109 Le Club

The only nightclub within the walls of Saint-Malo, the 109 Club is well known for its soirees and events. It has cloned itself this spring to become a stage in addition to a nightclub. From now on, the 109 Club hosts stand-up, live shows and concerts on weekends in an ambiance that is half cafe, half theatre. The boss of the 109 Club, Emmanuel Perron, envisions these evenings as “bridges to the night. Often we have the best nights when the establishment opens its doors earlier for the show.” After 10:30pm and until 6 in the morning, it’s the nightclub that takes over. Recently redesigned and redecorated with “class and elegance,” the DJs of the 109 Club will bring you through the night. Enjoy year-round events featuring local and national celebrities.

3 Rue des Cordiers 35400 SAINT-MALO