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The Mont Saint Michel Bay

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Le Train Marin

The Marine Train is a family story, that of the tradi- tional fisheries of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, that of a man who abandoned his career to become a guide for the bay he loves, since passing the baton to his niece.

With a diploma in marine biology, Annabelle Neau never imagined herself spending her days on a tractor. In hindsight, her diploma wasn’t for naught, because 5 years ago she took over the Marine Train which shows you around the part of the beach that unveils itself when the tide goes out 6km. During a 2-hour tour, Annabelle will show you mussel farming as well as a giant wooden trap that uses the movement of the tides to capture more than 48 species of fish. She will show you how to use a net to catch shrimp, share the story of the dyke of Duchess Anne, and tell you all about the windmills. Journey to the heart of the history of the bay with Annabelle and the Marine Train each time the tides allow it.

21, rue du Lion d'Or 35120 CHERRUEIX