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FOU ! Editions

The Mont Saint Michel Bay

Live | Cactus & Deco

Wood Cactus et Déco

Not yet thirty years of age, and already she has a flourishing shop: Manon Boab thanks her lucky stars every day for being so well located within the city walls of Saint-Malo and for living out her passion for cacti. Her bright shop, WOOD Cactus et Déco, is a sort of urban jungle, an island of greenery in the middle of the ancestral stone of the Corsair City. There you will find a complete array of European cacti, mostly from the Netherlands, but also some succulents and decorative objects, like posters, dried flowers and gifts. The advantage of cacti, she says, is their “ease of maintenance, as they need little water or direct sunlight.” Manon’s passion has met with the booming online trend of plant lovers. Discover her favourites for yourself in her shop and escape into her relaxing world.

4 rue André-Désilles 35400 SAINT-MALO