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FOU ! Editions


The Mont Saint Michel Bay

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La Casa Concept-Store

The Casa is a concept store in the Pine Hotel where you’ll find everything you need.

In its 200m2-boutique, with a contemporary style and a Mercedes 280 SL parked right in the middle, you’ll discover furniture, coffee tables, and couches in the same vein as those present in the Pine Hotel, as well as decora- tive objects, tableware, cushions, gifts, vases, bags of all sizes, and clothes (you’ll glimpse for example the brand of Mont-Saint-Michel on the jackets), but also summer items like swimwear and hats.

Get lost in the showroom teaming with 1000 finds, beautiful things in a timeless spirit. Plus, if you are client of the hotel, Sylvain will give you a discount. You’d have to be really crazy to deprive yourself!

36, Avenue de la Libération 50610 JULLOUVILLE LES PINS