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FOU ! Editions


The Mont Saint Michel Bay

Live | Photographer

Antoine Scognamiglio

Antoine is only 21 and already knows his path as a photographer and videographer. To see his work, you need not go far—just flip through this magazine. Magicxantoine is his artist name, and if he is known from Honfleur to Dinard in photography, his breakout role is in video.

Antoine got his degree in photography, his passion. His internships at the 3e Œil production company trained him on TV sets in Paris where he became a set photo- grapher, reaffirming his passion for both photo and video.

Upon returning to Honfleur, he began taking commercial photos with the freedom of experimentation and landed his first contracts.

While he was finding his footing in photography with fog, blinding whites, and deep blacks, making a nocturnal-urban-natural blend, video took him to new heights which he explores according to their resonance on social media. You can keep up with Magicxantoine’s piercing look on Instagram.