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La Malo Sushis

When Marie Bernard opened La Malo Sushis in the Saint-Servan neighbourhood in 2018, she wanted to reinvent sushi with local fish in an ecological, ethical effort. The result is both surprising and thrilling.

Marie learned to make sushi in Alsace, of all places, with trout and sauerkraut. “Sushi is magical because as long as you know the basics, you can create endless variations,” she says. Marie now works in Saint-Malo with seasonal fish, often caught by local fishermen, and her ethical approach doesn’t stop there: the organic rice comes from Italy, she has subs- tituted rice wine vinegar for apple cider vinegar, the chicken is from the farm, and the packaging is biode- gradable. Through her sushi, rediscover sardines, chinchard, mullet, mackerel... even a sushi burger, created to highlight Marie’s pioneering spirit. La Malo Sushis is open from Thursday to Saturday.

47 rue Ville Pépin 35400 SAINT-MALO