FOU ! Editions

FOU ! Editions

The Mont Saint Michel Bay

Live | Florist Artisan

Anne Freret

It all started in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer after Anne Freret completed her training with a master florist in Honfleur and became herself an Artisan Master Florist. Twenty years later, she now has 5 shops in the bay area of Mont Saint Michel.

“When people come in, they are immersed in another world,” says Anne. It’s the same passion she inspired in her partners that allowed her style to flourish and spread. Her husband, Sébastien, sources the freshest, most beautiful flowers. Anne’s taste for softness draws her towards pastel colours, especially green, along with white and grey. She prefers natural settings for her flowers—cotton bags, wood frames, zinc—that give a real style to the bouquets. Anne designs florals for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, festivals, profes- sional events, and even for the Dior museum and film sets. Her website ships her creations all over France.

39 place Charles de Gaulle 50380 Saint-Pair-sur-Mer