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The Mont Saint Michel Bay

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Atelier de la Baleine à Bosse

Alexia Vermot-Desroches practises an art little known but very useful, whose applications are varied and of interest to many. Alexia is a saddler, a profession close to that of an upholsterer.

The Humpback Whale saddlery manufactures cushions, seats, bedding, footstools, and awnings in all the areas that require the use of a supple material like leather, pleather, hessian, and more, often with a padding.

Alexia is also called on for interior and exterior furniture, and even for cars and vans. She makes custom furni- shings and takes on atypical projects such as bike bags, which she began making in 2021 out of canvas scraps, an exercise in sustainability. Her bags, designed to be practical, durable, and pretty, come in 3 models. The workshop is a place of co-creation where visitors are welcome to discover the work and dedicate themselves to personalised projects.

13 rue Claude Bernard, Cellule 11 35400 SAINT-MALO