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C'est L'heure

A hot wind blew on Granville the day Daniel Leroy opened a bar called “C’est L’heure”, it’s time in english. Originally from Australia, he has steeped his establishment in an international, multicultural spirit, welcoming curiosity and favouring conversation. After running some of the best bars in Sydney and Melbourne, Daniel opened “C’est L’heure” a year ago with the idea to create a cocktail bar that takes you on a journey. To stand out, he decided to feature gin (not well liked because it’s not well known), by offering 55 distinctive gins from around the world, alongside local and foreign beers. Aficionados of mixed beverages will be surprised by the quality and originality of his cocktails. In an effort to bring more awareness, he even began giving mixology lessons. “C’est L’heure” is the ideal place to relax with some of Daniel’s own playlists in a chic and festive atmosphere reminiscent of Sydney, Paris, or New-York.

97 rue des juifs 50400 GRANVILLE